The Art of Cupping Coffee

The Cupping process was developed to evaluate and compare different coffees on an even playing field. Because the differences between great coffees can be very delicate, characteristics of those coffees (flavor, body, acidity, finish etc.) can be easily influenced by the way the coffee is brewed. By eliminating some of these variables, coffees can compete on the basics of their own inherent nature.
Need to know terms: 

Aroma: The aroma of a coffee has a lot to do with the coffee's flavor profile. The aroma comes from the gas that is released while brewing the coffee. Taking in a big whiff will give you an idea of what the coffee will taste like. 
Acidity: This can be described as the pleasing brightness or sharpness in the coffee. It has nothing to do with bitterness or acidity in your stomach. In coffee acidity is a good thing; It is through the acidity that many of the most interesting fruit and floral flavors are delivered. Acidity can be intense or mild and described as bright, winey, clear, fruity etc. Usually the acidity is best evaluated once the coffee has cooled slightly. Tasting a coffee from Sumatra next to one from Kenya will give you some perspective of acidity.

Body: This is sometimes referred to as "mouthfeel". The body is the sense of heaviness that the coffee has in the mouth. One of the most important elements in coffee, sweetness often separates the great from the good. Even the most intensely acidic coffees are lush and refreshing when there is enough sweetness to provide balance and ease the finish. Sweetness is critical for allowing the other tastes to flourish and be appreciated.

Finish: While first impressions are powerful, it is often the last impression that has the most impact. With coffee the finish (or aftertaste) is of great importance to the overall quality of the tasting experience, as it will linger long after the coffee has been swallowed. The ideal finish is one that is clean (free of distraction), sweet, and refreshing with enough endurance to carry the flavor for 10-15 seconds after swallowing.
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