It is with great pleasure that we announce the #1 rated coffee at the Aromas de Sierra Madre competition is now available, exclusively at Vigilante Coffee Company.

This coffee is in extremely short supply, only 80lbs were produced! Vigilante Coffee Company founder Chris Vigilante has worked closely with our roasters to ensure that this coffee is perfect with every brew.

The Finca Cañada Fria is a mixed varietal grown at 5600m in Vera Cruz, Mexico. Sweet fragrances and earthy aromas lead into initial sips of stone fruit.  As it cools, chocolate notes emerge and evolve into ripe pineapple acidity and a clean, smooth finish. This coffee is an experience to not be missed, and cannot be duplicated.

There Can Be Only One

In March, Vigilante Coffee Company traveled to Mexico's premiere quality coffee competition, the Aromas de Sierra Madre, in search of the next great coffee, and a new farm relationship.

The morning began like a marathon, 80 coffee offerings were made available. From these 80, like the Highlander, there can be only one. Roasted the night before, these coffees were presented like endless fragrant rows of caffenatied happiness. The cafe and roastery owners from around the world chatted as they prepared to smell, taste, and judge these coffee selections until the best coffee was found.

Once narrowed down to the top ten selections, these specialty coffee professionals entered into a heated auction, all looking to walk away with the top prize, theFinca Cañada Fria!


Head to Head with Olympia Coffee

Vigilante Coffee Company was honored to have a place on the international jury for this prestigious competition alongside respected peers like Olympia Coffee. Olympia has been creating great coffee experiences for years, and Vigilante Coffee is a fan of their coffee, and of their team, but we were in Mexico for one reason; to bring back the best coffee at the competition for our customers. We did not fail on this mission.


After being meticulously scored by some of the coffee world's most developed
palletes, the auction was ready to take place. Amped up, and excited, Vigilante Coffee Company founder Chris Vigilante, was ready to win. As the auction for the #1 coffee began it was clear that there was going to be some competition, with some very deep pockets. Vigilante's goal was clear; win.

Chris went head to head with some big names until it was just Vigilante Coffee Company vs. Olympia Coffee Roasting Company. In friendly competition, the bid went higher and higher, until... going once, going twice, sold to Vigilante Coffee Company!

In the video below it is clear that Chris is stoked to have won the highest rated coffee at the Aromas de Sierra Madre, and by paying 7x the commodity price of Mexican coffee, we found ourselves extremely fortunate to roast and share this coffee with our friends, families, and customers.  As always, we'll roast to highlight the intricate flavor profile of the region and farm. We'll pay homage to the work of Jose Daniel Cabril, the farmer, because we know the hard work happened at the farm. We're just the lucky ones who get to enjoy this amazing coffee!

Vigilante Coffee Mexico Trip from Vigilante Coffee on Vimeo.