Kenya Coffee Scores 95: The Chase for The Perfect Cup

This month our new Kenyan, Gathiruini coffee received a score of 95 points out of 100 from Coffee Review!  Since 1996, Coffee Review has been the worldwide leader in the professional evaluation of international roasters. Roasters from Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the United States submit their coffees to be scored on a scale of 60-100.  

To give you an understanding of how the coffees are scored it goes something like this, 60-70 points is your diner style coffee (that stuff you drank in college and had to put cream into to mask the terrible taste). 70-80 is your Starbucks coffee, and is considered commodity. 80+ coffees are considered truly specialty coffee, and at Vigilante Coffee we only purchase coffees that score 85 points or more. 

Internally we are notorious for being particularly harsh in the evaluations of our own coffees. So much so that we even scored our own 95 point Kenyan at only a 90. This is how high we set the bar for our company.

Scores over 94+ are considered truly exotic and rare coffees. In fact, on average only 27 roasting companies per year receive a score of 94 points or more from Coffee Review. We are excited for our farm partners, roasting team, and customers to try this incredible cup.  

The Taste Profile

"Deeply rich, sweetly pungent. Black currant, wisteria, spicy oak, bergamot, & vanilla in aroma and cup. Vibrant, sweetly tart acidity; full, velvety mouthfeel. The richly drying finish is high-toned, sweetly herbaceous, & focused around bergamot and vanilla notes." - Coffee Review



The Process: Roasting The Gathiruini

The Gathiruini Kiambuos is a farm located near Kiratina, Kiambu County in Africa.

This farm boasts red volcanic soil, and altitude ranges from 5,000 ft to 7,000 ft.  The Komothai Cooperative Society gathers over 9,900 active members. Together they produce over 170,000 kgs of clean coffee annually.

The Steps at the Farm

  1. Farmers deliver ripe cherries to centralized wet mill
  2. Wet mill depulps, ferments, and washes the coffee
  3. The coffee is then sun dried on raised racks
  4. Coffee moves to the dry mill for further processing and grading
  5. Coffee arrives for auctions in Nairobi

The Steps at the Roastery

  1. Receive the raw green beans and inspect 300 grams for defects
  2. Sample roast (250 grams) the coffee 5 different ways
  3. Cup and evaluate all 5 roasts, select the top two out of five
  4. Sample roast again, honing in on the top two roast profiles
  5. Cup again, and finally select the best roast profile for this coffee

“I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.” - Muhammad Ali

Keep Dreaming

We are focused on sourcing, and roasting the world’s best coffees. This Kenyan is our third professionally rated coffee above 90 points this year. While others are chasing the money, and the next storefront, Vigilante is focused on sourcing and roasting the best cup of coffee.  

It’s simple; we’re in the pursuit of perfection. It’s an endless pursuit that drives us to roast late into the night and travel the world in search of the best coffees while knowing that we may never find what we’re looking for. That’s the thing, it’s about the journey, not the destination, and we know that.

Our purpose remains pure and we march to our own beat. Some chase the dollar and some chase the fame, we’re just chasing quality. We’re not interested in being good, we’re interested in being the best. Period.

This is a truly special coffee. Coffees this highly rated, and this unique, are rare. We will be featuring it on pour over all month, and it is available in 12oz bags in limited supply.

We will keep chasing the perfect coffees, if you keep drinking em’!



Vigilante Coffee to go cup in front of the roaster