Started From The Basement Now We Here

A Huge Thank You for Two Great Years

It is difficult to put into words the gratitude we feel here at Vigilante Coffee on a daily basis. When we first opened our doors in July of 2014, we weren't sure what kind of company we were going to become. Over the past two years, our community has been patient, kind, caring, active, opinionated, and above all else, awesome.

Vigilante Coffee Company was welcomed with open arms, and support for our pursuit of truly great coffee. Since day one, without even knowing it, our customers have helped mold us into the company I have always dreamed of.

Vigilante Coffee Company is a company with a conscience, and a company that prides itself on quality, passion, and purpose. It is because of our loyal customers that we know the kind of company we want to continue to become.

Thank you for believing in us, sharing with us the meaning of community, and growing with us as we celebrate this two year milestone.

From Hustle to the Grind. From the Basement to Brick & Mortar

5 years ago, I was just a man with a burning passion to find the best coffee in the world, and bring that to my city, Washington, DC. I stumbled into some incredible partners that shared this passion, and were willing to hustle (and bend some laws) in a basement roaster. We started on a small 5lb roaster, that still works, in a basement of the H Street neighborhood in Washington, DC.

I remember many smoke filled early mornings in that basement, searching for the perfect roast. Then delivering those beans on my skateboard from my backpack from dawn till dusk. Eventually, the smoke got the best of us, and on one eventful day, the fire department busted down our door to put out what surely must have been a house fire! Once inside, they found our operation, and I knew it was time to move our production from the basement to a brick and mortar.

I put everything on the line, and my partners risked careers and financial collapse, so that we could see our dream of cultivating the best coffee experience in the world become a reality. After quitting some day jobs, our small team went from a 5lb roaster in a basement to a state of the art 23lb roaster, and facility for production.

Since our first roast in our shop, we haven't looked back, and because of our extremely coffee willing city, we  have moved at a rapid pace.

Roaster to Retail. A Community Call and Response

When we opened our roastery doors in Hyattaville in July of 2014, we weren't sure what to expect. Thinking that we might be able to sample some of our roasts, and single origin coffees, we set up a small counter to sell coffee.

We started to engage with people through amazing conversations about our farmers, our coffee, and our process. What we found is a community. We didn't know we were looking, but found ourselves. This community was thirsty. Not just great for coffee, but for an experience and knowledge. We found that our passion, and nerdiness, for the highest quality of coffee, had an audience. Soon we had to extend our hours, then our menu offerings, then our production, and eventually our shop itself.

In February of 2015 we remolded our shop in Hyattsville to create the cafe we had always dreamed of having. We created a space that was light and airy, and centered around facilitating conversation. Our staff grew, and with each new hire we focused on culture, and creating the best coffee experience every time. We take coffee very seriously, and learned to take our community just as seriously.

We hope each experience in our shop is memorable. From learning about, and trying new sustainably sourced coffees and innovative brewing techniques to chatting with friends and getting work done, we hope everyone who walks through the doors leaves happy.

We Still Haven't Found What We're Looking For

We are learning, and searching for the world's best coffees. We visit our farms, and look for opportunities to create new relationships with new farmers everyday. Our farmers are family, and we love working with them to ensure the highest quality. Our promise is to sustainably source the highest quality coffees, and roast them to perfection in small batches so that our customers get the best coffee experience possible. We are on our way.

Everyday we learn something new in our shop, because our customers treat us like family. We strive to create meaningful relationships with everyone, and build a company for our employees that shares that family feeling, and passion for doing what is right. We are on our way, and look forward to the next cup every morning.

This artist, Logic, is amazing and a real inspiration for me. I saw him perform on a park bench in front of 30 people 4 years ago. He was so passionate, and it was obvious he was gonna "make it". Now he's one of the top selling hip hop artist and signed to Def Jam records.

We listen to this song, remember the kid on a bench, and know we are going to "make it". Thank you all for two amazing years. Here's to many more! 

"Left the underground when I left the basement. That's renovation, I spit this verse like a revelation"