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This rich cup of coffee is full of exciting fruit flavors. Think tropical fruits, stone fruits and berries with a caramel finish. Just like an "ensalada de frutas", this cup is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Kenyan, Gathiruini coffee received a score of 95 points out of 100 from Coffee Review. Since 1996, Coffee Review has been the worldwide leader in the professional evaluation of international roasters.

Scores over 94+ are considered truly exotic and rare coffees. In fact, on average only 27 roasting companies per year receive a score of 94 points or more from Coffee Review.

We are excited for our farm partners, roasting team, and customers to try this incredible cup.


Country: Kenya
Farm: Gathiruini Washing Station
Altitude: 15020-2200 Meters
Varietals: SL28, SL34, Batian, RuiRu11
Soil: Red Volcanic
Production Method: Washed
Product Notes: Gathiruini washing station is part of the largest Cooperative Society of Kiambu county, which has over 9,900 active members. Together they produce over 170,000 kilograms of clean coffee annually. In Kiambu, farmers take ripe cherries to be processed to centralized wet mills, where they are pulped, fermented, washed and sun dried.
Dry parchment is then moved to a dry mill for further processing and grading before reaching the weekly auctions in Nairobi.